Kinhang - success in Trailwalker 2002¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@Yip Ching

Dear all,

Congratulation to Kinhang runners of the Trailwalker 2002.

All Kinhang runners completed the run in full team with good timing. Most of the runners actually have broken their own records. Thanks to the strong Kinhang supporting team who gave the runners a very professional, efficient and personal service at each checkpoint, and even on the way to the destination. Without their full support, Kinhang would not achieve the great result listed below:

Team no.¡@Time¡@ Members¡@Category position
S15¡@16:22¡@Sam Chung, Leung King Yan, Chan Chi Hung, Pak Ka Wah¡@Champion of Insurance
715¡@19:09¡@Wong Pak Kun, Ying Hoi Fong, Lee Kwok Kwong, Mui Sheung Wing¡@Second in Club
844¡@20:15¡@Choi Chi Keung, Ha Shui Yung, Suen Fu Kwok, Yip Ching¡@Forth in Club
474¡@22:45¡@Keung Tsui Yuk, Chow Wo Kwan, Leung Kwok On, Martin Voon¡@Fifth in Finance

One most important person I must not forget is our leader, Li Wai On. He spent much time in planning the training routes, encourage and push for all of us for a break through of physical limit from the hot summer until the cool autumn (to be precise, from Jan to Dec through out the year). Can we imagine what will the result be if we do not have Wai On as our leader? We may not even get together to have so much fun time!

May I share some of the highlights of team 844:

  1. Lo Man Tung carries food and water and accompanied team 844 in the last two section so that team 844 could run really free.
  2. Ah Han acts as an instructor for 844 in the last two section and push 844 to run really fast. "Its down slope, a little bit faster! Its plain, keep at medium speed (oh god! the truth is that its up slope!) A little bit of up slope in front, don's stop, keep your momentum...." Ah Han running zig-zag in front swiftly, the five poor guys (including Ah Tung!) had to keep up with her.
  3. Cheung Chau Choi said, "Lets follow Ha Shui Yung". Ten seconds later,Cheung Chau Choi was leading again and mumbles, "why are they so slow?"
  4. Cheung Chau Choi said, "are we going too fast?" Ching said, "yes, please slow down". Cheung Chau Choi answered OK but his legs just keep going even faster.
  5. Cheung Chau Choi said, "Ah Ha does not want to eat!" Wai On said, "have you seen how Peking duck are fed? Use a funnel and pour into the mouth!" Would Ah Tung take note of Wai On's suggestion and prepare a funnel next year.
  6. I find Cheung Chau Choi is so cultivated. He likes to sing Cantonese opera songs such as "Sun Ma Tsai's"(·s°¨¥J) "Hak Tole Chou Hun"(«È³~¬î«ë). He sang the words correct but the melody was some what different.
  7. Ah Ha said, "lets set our target to catch up Ah Yuk." After getting Ah Yuk, Ah Ha said, "lets go for Ah Hong". This must be the motivation of Ah Ha in the last two section.
For highlights of team 474,
  1. This team is finalize only in mid Oct. Never trained in full team. I wonder how can they achieve such good result in the first time.
  2. Most are first time Kinhang Trailwalker runners. Martin is even first time hiking with Kinhang. Welcome Martin.
Lets look forward to Trailwalker 2003!

May the glory and honour goes to Wai On and the supporting team. Amen.