Dear Kin Hang's friends

Dear Kin Hang's friends,
Last year my team worked very hard but still couldn't finish under 17 hours. This year we have 5 teams broke the 17-hour barrier. And 2 teams broke the Kin Hang record of 15:23 set in 1999 by Ho Hon Ming, Yeung Chi Chung, Hui Hok Fong and Ho Ka Fai.
This is simply incredible !! we should have a big celebration feast, shouldn't we?
This year I notice S26 (Carolyn, Monica, Suen and Ching) has made a huge progress, surging from 17:41 to 16:19 !! it's not a surprise for ar Hong and Monica, but when Yip Ching and ar Suen can also do that, that means they have elevated to another level ! Their hard work paid off.
This year we have new comers Ken and Pango (little lazy cat) joining Kin Hang. Their first run is already eye-opening (16:35), partly thanks to the guide by old dogs Anthony and Chan Chi Hung. I am sure with this year's experience, next year they can run much faster !
Team 90 (Kaymen, Sunny, Popo and Gary) also did a great job. It's a pity Gary didn't make to the finish because of sickness. Bad luck is a part of life. Especially when a team consists of 4 people, it's not uncommon some of the members not in their fittest condition. "Transform sadness into Power", and success will come next year. In the past few years Kaymen had eating problems. Without losing his faith, plus hard training and new eating technique, this year he overcame the problem and did a very good time at 16:42. Popo has a lot of reserve. I think she can pursue the female or mixed team prize next year if she intend to do so.
Team 120 ("Big Cat" Joe Chan, Leung Kwok On and 2 other guys I'm unfamiliar with) is the quietest team in this year's lineup. Because we had never seen them training in full team, we couldn't estimate their finish time at all ! but eventually they did 18:52, so next year's target should be obtaining the Super Trailwalker certificate, right?
S21 (Cheong, Chuen, Flora and Sum) is the most surprising. We just heard their entrance 2 days before the race. Without any preparation, with very little support (shared with other cars) and some cheap batteries (Cheong and Chuen must remember that for life !), they can still easily beat our well-prepared team to take the new Kin Hang record. I pay my highest tribute to them ! and hope next year they will form the strongest ever Kin Hang team. I think the 14-hour mark is breakable !
Lastly is my own team S27. Just 2 days before the race we still argued, but in the race everybody behaved very professional, helping each other to reach the common goal - to break the old Kin Hang record. In the last 2 sessions we lifted the target to break the 15-hour mark. It's an exciting race and I will remember for life ! I am happy to see Hysan pushed very hard and broke his own limit - as I remember he had never done Double Pass training under 10 hours, but in the race we did Double Pass in 9:36 !! who can believe? Sam, the "Big Temper Guy", suddenly became a gentle cat when he saw I almost exploded by hot sunshine during session 3. He took care of me and poured cold water to my head. Without his help I might not have recovered. L.T.T., always the quietest guy here, always run in front of me but keep within a distance to give me hope. I must thanks all these teammates for helping me achieving this great result: 14:56. It won't be a new Kin Hang record, but it means a lot to me.
2004 Trailwalker is my last hiking race. I attended the first hiking race in 1999 and fully devoted my spare time to training during the last 2-3 years. It's time to say goodbye to hiking races - but not Kin Hang. I will continue joining Kin Hang and hike with you guys during Sundays. Next year if you need support, please call me.
Best regards
Mark Wan