Kin Hang - S26 info for review

Please find the following info for this year's run.  Hope it helps in next year's preparation.  Please add in your info for sharing.
    Team S26 did not follow all the training sessions.  We tried to do more but we missed the night trek.
    double pass (10:40 and 09:55)
    0-50k (10:10, 9:30)
    50-100k (7:50)
Sickness/injury before Trailwalker
    There is no serious injury among the team but I got soar throat followed by cough after getting cold on 2004/10/17.  My sickness got worse after eating "big gate" crab on 2004/10/22.  Taking anti-biotic "Augmentin" helped to relief by 2004/10/29.  Test run on 2004/10/31 for Mc trail section 1, time was OK but was tiring.  Resting on 10/22-24, 10/29-11/01 helped to recover.
    We got 6 cars (Hong, Suen, Ching's sister, Lam Yat, Anthony, Kaymen's friend) to support 6 teams. 
    The first car arrived at Pak Tam Chung at around 06:00.  Arriving at 07:00 was still OK.  The last car arrived at around 07:20.  Probably next year we can get the first car to arrive at 06:40 and others to arrive before 07:15.  Calling all to arrive before 06:30 is over kill.

    Team 90 support is self arranged.
    Basically we have one driver and 2 full time support for each team except S21.
    Driver: Lam Yat (S27), Jason/Yiu Kam San (major S12 minor S21), Chow Wo Kwan (S26), Cheng Chi Hung (230), Mui Sheung Wing (team 120), Kaymen's friend (team 90)
    Full time support: Law, Vivian, clert B (S27), Tina, black cat, Tin Tak Chuen (S12/S21), Tung, Joe Ng (S26), Mrs Ying, Michael Yip (team 230), Choi Chi Keung, little 2 (team 120), Kaymen's friend (team 90).
    Remote support and photographer: Jim, Billy
    Overall in charge: Li Wai On
    Join in support at BBQ: Yuk, Lam Tat Yin, Leung Wa, Pak Ka Wa
    On the way:  Yeung Chi Chung accompanied S26 all the way until Ma On Au.  I took only 380ml water.  Food was from Yeung Chi Chung.  From Shatin Au to BBQ, Suen carried bread for me.  Pak Ka Wah accompanied S26 from Lead Mine Pass until finish.  He got the support points to prepare everything for S26.  So there was no stop after BBQ.
    All 7 teams started at 09:00.  Temperature was 22 - 25, sunny, wind was grade 3-4.
1. Short message for stiffness at back of tigh begun from section 2.  It came occasionally all the way but did not give problem.
2. Pain on external ligamen of right knee accumulated and begun obvious when going down hill after Becker Hill.  The same affected down hill for Needle hill.  After taking pain killer when going up Grass hill, situation was much improved.
3. Suen has cramp after Mao Ping.  Hong has stiffness/cramp after Ma On Au.  Monica has gastric problem after Tai Po road.
Time 时间 总共时间/实际 段落时间/实际
起步 09:00 - -
壩尾 10:10 01:10/01:03 1:10/1:03
西湾 11:20 02:20/02:11 1:10/1:08
北潭凹 12:40 03:40/03:28 1:20/1:17
西沙路 14:35 05:35/05:22 1:55/1:54
沙田凹 17:50 08:50/08:31 3:15/3:08
大埔道 19:15 10:15/10:00 1:25/1:29
针山脚 20:10 11:10/10:45 0:55/0:45
铅矿凹 21:45 12:45/12:18 1:35/1:33
荃锦凹 23:25 14:25/13:54 1:40/1:36
永吉桥 00:45 15:45/15:07 1:20/1:13
终点 02:00 17:00/16:19 1:15/1:12