Kin Hang - new records in Trailwalker

Dear all,
This year Kin Hang has scored a very good result.  This is not only the result hard training, this is also the result of the superb support that you gave to the runners and the single goal that we all share - run as one big team.  Lets see what we have got:
1.  S21 (ah Cheung and ah Chuen, Flora, Sum tzai) formed just two days before the run.  Finished in 14:55 and won the Legal champion, overall 7th, Mix Open 2nd.
2.  S27 (Mark, Hysan, Sam, LTT) finished in 14:56, overall 8th, Men Open 5th.
3.  S26 (Monica, Hong, Suen, Ching) finished in 16:19 and won the Medical Care champion, overall 15th, Mix Open 5th.
4.  S12 (Yan, Chan Chi Hung, Ken, lazy kitty) finished in 16:35 and won the Insurance champion, overall 16th, Men Open 9th.
5.  Team 90 (Kaymen, Gary, Sunny, Po Po) finished in 16:42.  Because Gary was sick before the run, it is sorry that he has to quit after CP2.
6.  Team 120 (big cat, uncle, Lai Yuk Yin, Yap Chi Hung) finished in 18:52.
7.  Team 230 (Pak Kun, Ying, Leung Kam Yuen, Lam Ngok Kam) finished in 19:46, Age 50 and Above 2nd.
So for the first time (?) we all completed in 20 hours, pushed the best time to under 15 hours and got most prize.

Will we do better next year?  Lets try!