RE_Kin Hang - new records in Trailwalker - 2

Dear all,

Actually I know that everyone has his own path to follow and has different goals at different stages in his life.  When facing the busy projects at work, Ialso once planned to reduce hiking and running races in order to reduce time on practising and devoting higher proportion of time at work.  Also I hoped to spend some time for other activities too.  That was the reason why I decided for not participating in Trailwalker2004 months ago.  That was Mark & Hysan who invited me in mid-September that called me out for Trailwalker again.  Thanks for their inviatation that let me hit a good time in Trailwalker.

Hence I understand that every stage has its typical goals in our life.  By devoting time for grasping those goals some other things need to be sacrificed.
Perhaps this is why there are old faces fading out from time to time.  When one can identify oneself's goal and strive for it, that's already great indeed!
We are prepared for wishing for his success.  Hope everyone of you can identify your goal and start striving for it and at last succeed.

Best regards,