Kin Hang Hiking Club is a hiking interest group in Hong Kong. Regular members participate actively in many competitions such as Trailwalker, Sir Edward Youde's Award Mountain Marathon, King of the Hills Mountain Marathon, full and half marathon. In 1998, Kin Hang won the overall first runner up, veteran-40 champion and Club & Association champion of the Trailwalker event in 16 hours 43 minutes. Trailwalker'99, Kin Hang Veteran 50 team won the veteran champion in 17 hours 57 minutes and broke the record, another Kin Hang team finished in 15 hours 23 minutes.

Every year Kin Hang arranges a systematic five-months training program for the Trailwalker event. The objective is to train trailwalkers to complete the 100km course in 18 hours. The program begins in June each year and is free of charge.

Kin Hang's activities are very strength and stamina demanding. By nature of the difficulty and length the routes, the leader is unable to wait for 'slow' participants. So participants should have an idea of the day's route and can find a way out should he/she get lost in the wilderness.